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IDC机房英文介绍 北京服务器托管英文介绍 IDC英文介绍

IDC机房英文介绍 北京服务器托管英文介绍 IDC英文介绍

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Dr. Peng Data is a A shares listed company and wholly-owned subsidiaries of Chengdu Dr. Peng Telecom & Media (Group) Co., Ltd. (A shares code: 600804) which engages in internet data center service, under which organized equipment room and metropolitan network resources of the original Beijing Teletron Telecom engineering Co., Ltd. and CDN network resources of Shanghai DNION Technology. It is the largest operator of data center service in China being independent of telecom operators.
Dr. Peng has four major telecom equipment rooms which are HP equipment room, Zhong Guan-cun equipment room, Suzhouqiao equipment room and Sanyuanqiao equipment room with a total area of nearly 13,000 m2. All the equipment rooms locate within the Fourth Ring with superior geographical position and convenient transportation which cover three business areas of CBD of China World Trade Center, Zhong Guan-cun and Lufthansa Center. It is the biggest operator in Beijing data center market after Netcom. All the equipment rooms are established according to the highest standard of telecom level and have series high-level support facilities of double circuit power supply, precision air-conditioning, gas fire extinguishing and environmental monitoring and so on which will provide high-quality IDC services for the users.
 [Overview of equipment room]
Zhong Guan-cun equipment room locates at Zhong Guan-cun Technology Development Building (No. 32, South Zhong Guan-cun Street, Haidian District, Beijing) with a total building area of 3000 m2. Being the core telecom equipment room of Dr. Peng at Zhong Guan-cun area, it covers the entire IT circle of Zhong Guan-cun and the northwest of Beijing city which will provide high-quality data center services for the users.
  [Construction of equipment room]
 The equipment room has a construction structure that has 8 level anti-earthquake function and its bearing structure could reach to 800Kg/m2
 Elevated static-free floor is used in the equipment room and 4 walls of the room are equipped with electromagnetic interference-resistant facilities
 The space could be flexibly separated and expanded according to the requirements of users
[Network resources]
 Have network connections with China Telecom, China Unicom (Netcom), China Mobile (Railway) and education network, etc. The total bandwidth capacity could reach to 60G.
 Establish BGP interconnection with major telecom operators based on its self-processed AS domain (Autonomous system number: 17964)
 Multiple operator resources and multiple network outlet line resources rapidly realize mutual backup of WAN routing
[Network architecture]
 Layering network structure design including interconnection layer, core layer, distribution layer and access layer
 Fully redundant network design (redundant equipment, interface, link and route) to avoid single-point fault
 Use international Cisco Networkers equipments as the framework of network platform, and CISC012000 and CISC06509 as the core network equipment, as well as CISC03560 and CISC02960 as the access layer equipment
 Main fiber is designed to be switched into the equipment room in two different directions to provide a higher level safety assurance

   [Network security]
 Network security consultant and evaluation
 Firewall service
 Professional hardware equipments protecting
    against DDOS attack

[Power supply]
 Four power protections realizes 99.99% level power supply safeguard
 Double circuit 10KV high voltage power supply and capacity in each circuit is 1200KVA
 Four 400KVA Chloride UPS equipment and 1+1 backup
 Italy FLAMM battery can provide power supply assurance that not less than 1 hour
 One 1700KVA German Benz MTU diesel electric generating set can make sure that the equipment room could be powered continuously

   [Equipment cabinet]
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 47U standard 19 inch cabinet
 The highest power supply capacity of single cabinet
    could reach to 32A
 Double circuit UPS supply power to the cabinet
 Cabinets have separate switch control

[Air-conditioning system]
 (Water cooled air-conditioning + plate type heat interchanger) natural cooling air-conditioning technology, the equipment room uses double cold sources of central air conditioner and air-conditioning unit which backup each other
 18 Italy HIROSS air conditioner and redundancy backup according to N+1
 The air conditioner uses double circuit redundant power supply
 Cold and hot air channel design with lower air supply and upper air returning method
 Temperature in the equipment room maintains at 22±5 in 24 hours within weeks and humidity level maintains at 50%
[Fire extinguishing system]
 Use fire-proof frame and smoldering materials and the equipment room is equipped with multiple escape trunks which comply with the telecom standard
 Supersensitive laser early smoke detection warning system
 Use advanced FM200 heptafluoro-propane piping net gas fire extinguishing system
 Be equipped with manual gas fire extinguishing devices at several places
 24-hour manual monitoring on network operation center (NOC) and clear flammable materials in time

   [Security monitoring]
 The video monitoring tape data without dead angle of the
    equipment room shall be kept not less than three months.
 The entrance guard record data shall be kept not less than
    one year for access IC card entrance guard system
 Security guards shall be on duty in 24 hours with
   weeks and implement strict access registration and management measures

[Operation and maintenance personnel]
 International approved senior network engineers (e.g. CCIE and CCNP, etc.) have rich operation and maintenance experiences on network, system (NT, Linux and Unix) and security, etc.
 Senior utility facilities maintenance support personnel on electrical power and air-conditioning, etc. has many years maintenance experiences on large-scale utility facilities
 Provide 7×24-hour professional services for users

[Customer service]
 On-site equipment room service
  ● 24-hour on-site technology support and
      authorized operation service
   ● Maintenance services of system software and
      application software (e.g. installation and modulation, etc.)
   ● Equipment operation condition monitoring
      and emergency information service
  Customer service
   ● Senior customer service representatives provide
      24-hour service
   24-hour telephone helpline: 400-610-0008
   ● Primary responsibility
  Network support service
   ● Emergency processing (e.g. DDOS attack)
   24-hour technical support
   ● Route optimization


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